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Nokia is one of the largest and most trusted phone manufacturers in the world. Nokia phones are known for their affordability, stability and durability. In addition to being features-packed, these phones are usually compact and hard to break. Since Nokia makes phones for all market segments, choosing a phone that suits you can be challenging. The following is a guide for shopping for Nokia phones:

i) Choose Between Smartphones vs Traditional Phones

Smartphones are incredibly popular nowadays and they offer much in terms of usability, functionality and features. However, they are more expensive compared to traditional/basic Nokia phones, which come with hard buttons, a smaller screen size and fewer features, but are much cheaper. Once you decide to buy a Nokia phone, the next decision should be whether to buy a smartphone or a traditional Nokia phone.

ii) Do you Need Dual-Sim Capability?

Many phones today can support two sim cards. This feature allows users to enjoy the best of both worlds. If one cellphone network offers affordable data packages while another offers the most affordable voice bundles, you can use both of them, so you don't need to sacrifice one for the other. In some cases, however, you may only need one sim card, so the twin-sim feature may not be useful.

iii) What Kind of Display do you Want?

Obviously, screen size is a crucial factor to consider. When choosing a traditional phone, you only need a full-color screen. The size does not really matter. When buying a smartphone, however, you have to consider the resolution of the screen, type of touch (single, two or five-point capacitive touchscreen vs resistive touchscreen). The size of the screen also matters. The best smartphones usually have screens ranging from 3.5 to 5 inches. The higher the resolution of the screen the better (1027x840 and above).

iv) Operating System

Traditional/basic Nokia phones usually run on either Symbian, MeeGo or Maemo. However, modern Nokia phones, such as smartphones, run on either Windows OS or Android. There are also Nokia feature phones which run on special operating systems. When buying a Nokia phone, you will need to choose between, Android, Windows OS and Symbian, since these are the most popular operating systems for Nokia phones.

v) Processing Power

The size of RAM and speed of the processor as well as the number of CPU cores determine the speed and performance of a phone. Ideally, you should buy a phone with at least a dual-core processor and 1GB RAM.

vi) Features

Be sure to buy a Nokia phone with Wi-Fi, FM radio, GPS, mini USB port, powerful rear camera with LED flash and bluetooth. The phone should support 3G and 4G networks for high-speed browsing.

Finally, the price of the phone will affect your decision. Therefore, you should also let your budget inform your decision when shopping for Nokia phones.

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